March 2, 2014

8th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Today’s readings call us to grow in holiness and to strive for sainthood.  Saints are saints as they point to God and serve Him above all else.  This is the call of every Christian, however, we often get sidetracked when we fail to recognize God as our master and turn to ourselves, money, drugs, to fix our problems.

Most of the things we seek in this world come from a desire to control the world around us.  Drugs, greed, lust, etc. are all ways that we try to control how we experience or interact with the world. When we worry about things of the world and try to control it, we are not trusting God to handle it.  We do need to do our part, but we are only facilitators or stewards of God’s gifts to us, the greatest being our very lives.  God takes care of us in the same way that he cares for the birds in the sky and the flowers in the fields.

We also see this need to control when we judge others.  We take it upon ourselves to judge another person and elevate ourselves to little gods.  We are not called to be gods, but we are called to be saints.  As saints, we do not judge, but we love.  We act out of love and through love, not to harm the other but to lead the other to holiness.  Earlier this week, Pope Francis said, "Christ came to save us, to show us the way, the only way out of the quicksand of sin, and this way of holiness is mercy, that mercy which he has shown, and daily continues to show, to us. To be a saint is NOT A LUXURY. It is necessary for the salvation of the world. This is what the Lord is asking of us.

Let us stop judging others and seeking worldly desires and may we embrace our call to holiness and journey together towards sainthood.  “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” – Oscar Wilde





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