The Solemnity of our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Without guidance and care, especially in a climate like Israel’s, they would die quickly from predators, starvation, or just their own slowness. The scriptural image of us as the Lord’s flock is not terribly flattering to us, since it is only the never-ending diligence of a watchful shepherd that allows the flock to survive.

The feast of Christ the King was intended to call the world back to Christ as the sole power of the world, to bring back a flock that had been scattered by many negative forces of the growing industrial, scientific, and war‑torn world of the early twentieth century. It is fitting that, as we celebrate Christ the King, we hear about Christ the Shepherd who cares for us and who, likewise, will be there at the end of time. Interestingly enough, as the Gospel illustrates, our own destiny is determined by the way we have been “shepherds” to the rest of the flock.


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