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January 2019

Jan 31

February 3, 2019

Out of context it sounds like the name of a hokey soap opera. Instead, Paul compares love to other gifts of the Spirit. He shows that love is the greatest gift and the reason for all gifts. First, he speaks of gifts without love. If someone was a great speaker, but without love, it would be self-serving. We've all heard politicians who make...
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Jan 24

January 27, 2019

 And what sort of year will it be? To judge by the words of Jesus in today’s Gospel, it will be “a year acceptable to the Lord.” And Jesus surely didn’t mean only the next three hundred sixty-five days facing his listeners at that time. When Jesus announced the “arrival” of God’s favor, it was a message for all time, for every year....
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Jan 10

January 13, 2019

 As a child, he came to Mary and Joseph, was seen by the shepherds, and then by some wandering magi from the East. Today we celebrate another showing, later in time, to a group gathered at the Jordan River. John hesitated to baptize Jesus, whom he recognized as “one mightier than I.” But he did as Jesus asked, and the “Holy Spirit...
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